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Voice Lessons

Voice Lessons

The study of voice is the study of your body as an instrument. Just like no two students are the same, no two voices are either.
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Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

Whether you are a budding master or this is your first time tickling the ivories, your lessons will be tailored to your style and pace.
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Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Our guitar lessons are designed to hone your sound, understand music theory more deeply, and find your expressive edge.
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Our Faculty is Comprised of DC’s Top Music Talent

Our Teachers partner with you one-on-one to structure the perfect course for your unique needs and goals. No two students are alike, so no two lessons are either!

  • Testimonial

    Allen Thompson

    Voice and Piano

    About Allen Thompson

    A well-rounded teacher, Allen Thompson works with all styles of singing from a place of calm, careful logic. Allen is equally skilled coaxing nervous beginners out of their shell as he is helping polished professionals amp up to the next level in their performances. Over more than a decade of diverse musical projects in a variety of roles, Allen has been a performer, director, pit accompanist, and coach, and has been able to incorporated a wide array of useful skills into his teaching. Allen completed his Master of Music in Voice Performance at the University of Texas at El Paso,  [···]
  • Testimonial

    Lauren Anderson

    Piano and Voice

    About Lauren Anderson

    A student of the world-renowned (and DC hometown favorite!) Denyce Graves, Lauren Anderson holds a Masters of Music in Voice from Peabody Conservatory. Lauren is thrilled to be teaching at Cardon Studios and excited to work with many different types of students. Lauren's background in vocal pedagogy and classical technique for both voice and piano can be applied to whichever genres her students would like to explore and Lauren loves to find ways to adapt to each student's unique needs. Lauren guides her students to become well-rounded musicians by helping to foster, not only their primary instrument, but also their knowledge in music theory and history. [···]
  • Testimonial

    Joe Gallo

    Guitar and Bass

    About Joe Gallo

     Joe Gallo is a guitarist and composer from Baltimore, Maryland.  As a teacher, Joe provides his students with a diverse and interconnected understanding of the instrument. His teaching draws from his wealth of experience playing classical, jazz, blues, pop and rock, and incorporates both standard technique and jazz improvisation in lessons, to give students a broader guitar education. Joe is adept in classical technique, including fingerstyle, and is able to translate foundational ideas to all genres.
  • Testimonial

    Randy Martono-Chai

    Voice and Piano, Jazz Theory

    About Randy Martono-Chai

    Randy Martono-Chai is a consummate musician, regularly performing in a variety of styles of music. Growing up, he studied piano, flute, organ, and music theory, won several regional and state competitions, and performed in numerous honor bands, orchestras, and choirs. Later, he went on to study classical and jazz piano, voice, and conducting at Shenandoah Conservatory, where he graduated with dual Bachelor's Degrees in Music Performance and Jazz Studies. Additionally, he represented the conservatory in a myriad of voice and piano competitions, many of which he won. Having honed his skills in music and leadership, Randy now serves as Music Director for Paul VI Catholic High School's theatre program in Fairfax, VA. Randy works as a stage performer, piano accompanist, and music teacher. [···]
  • Testimonial

    Natalia Bogdanova

    Piano and Voice

    About Natalia Bogdanova

    Being raised in the cultural capital of Russia, Saint Petersburg, afforded Natalia the opportunity to be surrounded by music since early childhood. An invaluable part of her upbringing, Natalia cherishes the exposure she received from an early age which continues to shape her musical sensitivities today. Natalia began playing piano at the age of 6 and went on to graduate from one of the oldest music schools in Saint-Petersburg, which maintains strict foundations in classical traditions and music history. From attending the frequent concerts that her city is famous for, and often performing in them herself, music has maintained a constant for Natalia. Upon moving to the US, Natalia became seriously busy with other disciplines - Philosophy and Design - to help support herself; however never stopped playing, teaching, or singing! Having lived in Washington, DC for over 10 years, Natalia loves the active musical life of our city  [···]
  • Testimonial

    John Park

    PIANO, Beginning through Advanced

    About John Park

    John Park, a graduate of the University of Maryland, has studied with Drs. Kristina Suter, Alon Goldstein, and Audrey Andrist to obtain a vast knowledge of repertoire and chamber music concert experience. John has participated in prestigious music festivals and competitions such as National Music Festival, Wonderlic Competition, Liszt-Garrison Competition, and International Keyboard Institute Festivall, winning Special Honors from the 2016 Paderewski Competition in Hartford, CT, and finishing in the top 12 during the 2017 New York Piano Festival and Competition. In addition to being a frequent recitalist and passionate performer, John also has a deep love for sharing music with others in an educational setting. [···]

  • Testimonial


    Andy S., Voice and Piano Student

    Lessons are tailored to you and what you hope to achieve. I have grown leaps and bounds in a short amount of time... I have also been complimented by many friends about how much my singing has improved!

  • Testimonial

    Keeps Me Motivated!

    Maria G., Voice and Piano Student

    I had some music training before so I wanted to brush up my skills. My instructor keeps me motivated and I always leave with something new to work on. Most importantly, I can see improvement in my skills!

  • Testimonial

    Diverse Styles

    John W., Voice Student

    I wanted to work on singing rock & roll, and even though both teachers [I work with] are primarily classically trained, they have no trouble applying what they know to help me as a rock singer.

  • Testimonial

    Warm and Welcoming

    Cristina M., Guitar and Music Theory Student

    What a find: a warmhearted and truly generous teacher! No egos here, only a wonderful and satisfying learning experience.

  • Testimonial

    Never a Lazy Moment

    Alice F., Voice Student

    My teacher definitely pushes me-- we never have a lazy moment in our lessons. She is cheerfully determined to break my bad habits, invests a lot of energy into her students, and seems to get genuine pleasure out of being a teacher.

  • Testimonial

    Surpassed Expectations

    Kat W., Voice Student

    I've really enjoyed these lessons. Working with a great teacher, I've surpassed my goals and expectations going into this.