Kathy Chen


Kathy Chen is dedicated to sharing her passion for music through teaching and performing. Her studies have taken her from Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada, to the Mannes School of Music in New York City, and now to her work completing a Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the University of Miami in Piano Performance and Pedagogy. Kathy is thankful to have grown up in a musical home and has always been driven to share the blessing of music with others. Besides her decade of teaching experience, Kathy also enjoys getting involved in her local community, and has participated in various outreach programs for local elementary schools, high schools, and senior homes to spread her love of music even farther. Kathy also enjoys collaborating with other musicians, and has had the opportunity to work with many soloists, choirs, orchestras, and chamber ensembles.

Despite her formal education focusing largely on classical music, Kathy loves exploring all realms of music! She is constantly developing her skills and enjoys musical theatre, pop, and jazz as well. As a teacher, Kathy recognizes the importance of adapting to each student’s personality, interests, and learning style. She is always seeking new ideas and teaching materials to better support her students through their musical journeys. Kathy believes that music lessons should be an enjoyable and enriching experience and hopes to inspire a lifelong appreciation and love for music in her students. Absolute beginners or more seasoned piano players will feel equally at home learning from Kathy!

Facts about Kathy Chen –
Kathy has been a Cardon Studios teacher since Fall 2019.
Kathy made things move simply and smoothly and we always had fun! Don’t be afraid to ask questions because I’m sure she’ll have the answer and she really wants you to enjoy playing piano as much as she does. I really had a great experience [with this] great, experienced teacher who enjoys the art of teaching!

Victor E.

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