Cardon Voice

Our Voice Department has grown!

Now with extra features to support vocalists of all levels, check out our exciting new offering:

Innovative Online Learning for the Modern Singer

  • One-on-One Voice Lessons

    Meet one-on-one, live on Zoom, with your Expert Singing Teacher to optimize your growth, in whatever musical style you choose, wherever you are on your vocal journey. Lessons are personalized to your level of experience, learning style, personality, and goals.

  • Vocal Coaching

    Make the most of the time between your lessons and see faster results; Easily record and upload a practice video right in your Cardon Voice account to receive a personalized Vocal Coaching video from your teacher with feedback and practice suggestions!

  • Video Library

    Your Cardon Voice membership includes your personal Video Library of past coachings, plus videos assigned by your teacher just for you, including Warm-ups, Exercises, Technique and Style videos, to help you maximize your growth. Take your singing further!

  • Performance Opportunities

    Build confidence in your performances by joining in Cardon Studios’ Online Performance Opportunities each and every month! We offer something for every comfort level: Both LIVE and Pre-recorded Events.

Cardon Voice membership is recommended for ages 10+ (Younger singer? Consider laying groundwork with piano lessons first!).

Singing Lessons for any Goal

Learn the best Vocal Techniques for your preferred musical style or genre.

Learn More about our Vocal Education Philosophy:

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Can Anyone Learn to Sing?

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Common Vocal Problems

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