Online Music Lessons Tailored to You

Appropriate for adult learners and children six years or older, private lessons are your time to explore music-making under the careful guidance of a knowledgeable professional. Your private class is all about your questions, your goals, and your process. This is your safe haven during the week to grow and experiment with music, knowing that you’ll receive honest, constructive feedback and practical, useful tips and tools selected specifically for your personality and learning needs.

Simple Membership Packages

Your month-to-month Membership with Cardon Studios includes everything you need to succeed! Sign up for a simple monthly package and receive a well-rounded Music Education experience, including these great benefits:


Private Lessons

Lessons are your time one-on-one with your teacher to try out new skills and apply them to songs you love. Choose to meet 2x or 4x per month, for either 25 or 55 minutes, and conveniently manage your schedule online.


Performance Opportunities

Whether you’ve braved an audience 1000 times or never before, we’ve got you. Actively performing is the only way to improve your skills in this area, so we create opportunities for you to be seen and heard!


Group Classes and Events

Sit back and learn from watching others until you’re ready to jump in yourself! These relaxed classes are a great time to try out new material and receive feedback, or pick up tools and ideas to implement on your own later on.

Voice Lessons

Meet Cardon Voice: A complete Online Singers Studio.

Your membership with Cardon Voice provides everything a singer needs to advance:

  • private one-on-one Voice Lessons,
  • Basics of Voice Anatomy and Music Theory, per your interests
  • Solid Vocal Technique and Vocal Health Guidance,
  • and even Performance Preparation coaching

Recommended for ages 10+ (Younger singer? Build musical foundations with piano lessons first.)

Piano Lessons

Meet Cardon Keys: These aren’t your grandma’s piano lessons!

Online learning offers all the same wonderful benefits as traditional piano lessons– including a solid background in musical foundations and healthy playing technique, and great overview of musical styles from Classical to Contemporary– but, by leveraging technology, your Cardon Keys teacher creates a more well-rounded learning experience with supplemental games and helpful learning tools for all learning styles.

Great for ages 6 through Adult! (Budding singer? We do lots of singing while learning about music theory and piano!)


Ready to reach your musical goals?