2015 Summer Showcase

The highlight of our summer is always these fun events at Busboys and Poets and the Strathmore Mansion. We love to see our students’ hard work pay off with these thrilling performances… And performing in these great venues isn’t bad either! Our showcases feature students of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of experience: some students are pre-professionals honing their skills while others are performing in public for the very first time. This always keeps the show interesting and exciting! If you haven’t performed with us yet, will we see you make your debut next time? Save the Date! Thursday, December 17th...

What Are Your Back-To-School Music Class Must-Haves?

What Are Your Back-To-School Music Class Must-Haves?

As you’re shopping for supplies to get ready for the brand new school year, it’s important to consider what you or your child need to be ready for music programs. There’s no denying that there are countless benefits of having music classes in our schools so make the most of this opportunity! Missing equipment or incomplete supplies can frazzle any musician, so being prepared is a must! When a music student arrives to class with everything she needs, it lends a certain focus and confidence that will keep her zeroed in on the lessons at hand. What’s on your list of necessities for music...

benefits of music education

The Many Benefits of Music Education for Children

Popular opinion states that there are several benefits to music education, but is there truth to that statement? Several studies have been done to prove the link between learning music and increased brain activity. While we generally think that the act of learning how to play an instrument or sing well is beneficial for children, it provides more perks than you expect. One study has shown that children who received a minimum of three years of music training outperformed their peers and showed enhanced verbal ability and non-verbal reasoning skills. This involves analyzing and comprehending visual data, such as understanding...

Why It's Never Too Late To Take Music Classes

Why It’s Never Too Late To Take Music Classes

When it comes to making beautiful music, there’s never a time when “I’m too late to learn” applies. As time passes, more and more doctors, experts, and health professionals are actively advising older clients to keep their brains in tip-top shape by taking music classes in the instrument of their choice. This not only helps them maintain coordination, but it also encourages a sense of purpose and stability. Some have even likened the experience to a practice such as yoga or meditation, due to the way it enhances their sense of balance. This is a result of harnessing the power of...

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Summer Showcase 2014

 Thursday, June 19th, 2014 Busboys and Poets, at 14th & V Sts. NW What a fabulous success! It’s so rewarding to us, your teachers, to watch each of you surprise yourselves with what you can do every six months in our recitals. It certainly seems that you all have as much fun with it as we do, so even though performing is challenging (and a little bit terrifying), keep striving, Students! From overcoming fears to conquering difficult music to finally learning to relax and be expressive on stage, this summer’s performance is no exception: there’s so much to be proud...

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Holiday Showcase 2013

 Thursday, December 19th, 2013 Busboys and Poets, at 14th & V Sts. NW Wow, what a crowd! Such great performances from our students were, yet again, met by overwhelming support from family and friends. So much so that this recital ran a bit long and was definitely ‘standing room only’! For next time, Cardon Studios will have to do some creative programming and will likely split our big show into two performances. What a great problem to have– so many wonderful students with so many talents to share. We’re excited to give each and every one of you a chance...


Summer Showcase 2013

Thursday, June 27th, 2013 Busboys and Poets, at 14th & V Sts. NW We believe these practice performances are invaluable to learning to sing or play well! As I’m sure many of our students will tell you, things are a littttlllle different when in front of a crowd (even one was supportive as ours– what a great group!). All of our teachers at Cardon Studios are thrilled to congratulate these students on some great performances. Whether they’ve been at it for a while or this was their first time out, each of these dedicated performers gave it their best shot...


Holiday Showcase 2012

Thursday, December 20th, 2012 Busboys and Poets, at 14th & V Sts. NW We were thrilled to present a variety of performances– New Students and Old, Piano and Voice, from Classical to Rock–, and I believe it’s safe to say, a good time was had by all! Our students very bravely shared their work. We’re so proud of you all! Students, Please remember that this video is for practice purposes; whether you loved the way you sounded or noticed a number of things to work on for next time, each performance is a growing experience. We encourage you to review...

2012 Group Photo

Summer Showcase 2012

Sunday, June 17th, 2012 Strathmore Mansion; Rockville, MD What a great success! As a teacher, it is such a great joy to see the leaps and bounds each student has made. We all certainly witnessed some great personal victories yesterday. Great work, everybody! Congratulations on some truly wonderful performances. Part 2: