Why Every Adult Should Take Group Music Classes

Why Every Adult Should Take Group Music Classes

It’s easy to disregard music classes as a frivolous expense once we reach adulthood. Many young professionals might also be intimidated at the thought of branching out into a new field, but more end up looking for excuses not to sign up for a group music class. However, many scientific studies have shown that taking part in music lessons results in a wide range of positive effects.

Take a look at three reasons why every adult should consider taking group music classes:

  • Music classes come with a built-in community.

It can be difficult to build a network of friends or social connections after college. When studies show that having and maintaining quality relationships has a direct correlation on how lonely a person feels, the importance of being included in a close-knit community becomes even higher.

Signing up for a group music class opens the door to meeting and befriending people of all ages and backgrounds who share a similar interest: music. One other advantage of taking group classes is that it comes with a low physical risk. If you take team sports, there’s the chance that you might injure another person—or yourself.

You’ll also be able to practice with a partner either face-to-face or online, so you’ll never run out of opportunities to socialize.

  • Music lessons lower stress levels.

The effects of stress on a person’s mind are severely underestimated. Long-term stress can deteriorate the brain’s condition by releasing an enzyme that effectively breaks down part of the brain’s neurons. However, studies have shown that not only can this be stopped, but it can be reversed as well. Taking music lessons is both relaxing and helpful at boosting brain activity, allowing you to reap both benefits at once!

  • Fight the decline of communication skills.

A study from Northwestern University has concluded that taking music classes as an adult can lead to a reduction of aging effects on neural timing. This is the nervous system’s ability to precisely encode sound. Taking part in musical training helps to stave off the deterioration of both speech and hearing skills.

It’s clear that there are numerous benefits to taking group music classes. Even one of the mentioned benefits can already make a positive difference in an adult’s life, regardless of age. Investing time and money into taking musical training yields substantial life rewards with incredibly minimal risks. Plan on reducing stress, expanding your social circle, and boosting your brain power? Choose music lessons.