Careers For Music Lovers

Careers For Music Lovers

Whether you’re a beginner to the music world or an experienced artist, it can be challenging to look for careers involving music. What many professionals don’t know is that not all music jobs necessarily involve the music industry itself. Sometimes you don’t even need significant musical ability or talent to succeed in music. Here are some ways you can be creative about mixing your passion for music with the next step in your career:


Talent Scout

This is a role where a great ear matters much more than a singing voice or the ability to maintain a rhythm. This career path makes you responsible for seeking talented musicians and bringing new or on-the-rise artists to a label.

Arranger or Composer

While composers create original songs, arrangers work with existing music and decide the parts that each instrument will play. Many arrangers are also composers and vice versa.

Concert Promoter

A sharp business sense is a must-have if you want to succeed as a concert promoter. They have a wide range of responsibilities over events, from marketing and tickets sales to audience handling and weather preparations, all while making sure that they make a profit.

Music Critic or Journalist

Not all music experts have to be the ones playing the instruments! If you appreciate great music and writing about your passion, then this is the dream job for you.

Music Teacher

Does the idea of sharing your love and knowledge of music with people of all skill levels and ages interest you? Helping others appreciate music more is always fulfilling.

Music Therapist

Treating patients with music is an incredibly rewarding career choice. There are many methods in which music therapists incorporate rhythm and melody into treatments, such as musical instruments, singing, rhythmic movement and composing.

Sound Engineer

In love with technology and music at the same time? Marry your two passions in the mixing room as a sound engineer. Your job is to monitor all of the music editing equipment and to make sure that everything sounds as it should be.