Why You Should Take Summer Music Lessons

Why You Should Take Summer Music Lessons

Summer break is a highlight of many a kid’s (and adult’s!) life. Having no school means no assignments, projects or needing to wake up early every weekday. This doesn’t mean all learning should stop, however. Continuing music lessons throughout the summer makes a huge difference with progress. Not only is it much easier to work on and focus on music over summer vacation, but taking summer music lessons helps to find inspiration that can benefit other parts of your life.

Fewer Distractions From Music
While you’re in school, it’s normal to juggle several worries at once. You’re thinking about studying for a major test, finishing your homework, and completing a big project all at the same time. All of these responsibilities take up a huge chunk of your attention and brain space, making it much more difficult to make time for and focus on your music lessons. Once summer rolls around, distractions are minimal and allows you to focus much more on your music.

More Free Time
Limited time for practice and music class is typical during the school year. When you take summer music lessons, you now have the opportunity to take your time and completely absorb all the materials and techniques taught in your classes.

Sustain Progress (Use It or Lose It)
Just like exercise, practicing music is much easier when done regularly. Imagine having an exercise routine for several months in a row, and then stopping for 2 full months. Getting back on track can be difficult and some even find that their hard work has been reversed! The process of re-learning and catching up to former progress can be frustrating, but thankfully, it is avoidable.

Boosts Creativity
Because you have so much more time to focus on music and less pressure on you, your creative side is free to let loose and shine. Composing your own pieces and practicing new and better techniques is easier during these months.