What Are Your Back-To-School Music Class Must-Haves?

What Are Your Back-To-School Music Class Must-Haves?

As you’re shopping for supplies to get ready for the brand new school year, it’s important to consider what you or your child need to be ready for music programs. There’s no denying that there are countless benefits of having music classes in our schools so make the most of this opportunity! Missing equipment or incomplete supplies can frazzle any musician, so being prepared is a must! When a music student arrives to class with everything she needs, it lends a certain focus and confidence that will keep her zeroed in on the lessons at hand.

What’s on your list of necessities for music class? Here are three items that many musicians make sure to add to their list of must-haves:

For The Beginner

1) Instrument Starter Kit

From marching drums to ukeleles, instrument starter packs are available for kids of all ages and levels. It’s easy to be confused about which accessories are needed for a certain instrument, so it’s quick and convenient to pick up a starter kit for your chosen instrument. If you’re interested in taking your interest in music to the next level, it’s easy to pick up your starter pack and bring it to the after-school one-on-one music class of your choice!

For All Levels

2) Practical Music Stand

Every musician who has had to go without a music stand knows how it is practically impossible to play well when music is set down on any old counter or table. Not only does it contribute to poor playing posture, it also adds to the risk of getting a strain injury as time goes by. Choose a music stand that’s easily adjusted to the learner’s eye level and positioned properly for upright use. This is especially important for children since they need to learn correct form and posture early on. During group music classes, teachers will also give tips on how to establish proper posture when performing or practicing at home.


2) Instrument Maintenance Sets

From their very first lesson, learners should know that proper maintenance, cleaning and care is needed for all instruments. Whether it’s their own or a rented instrument, equipment that is taken care of is much easier to use and distinctly sounds better. Having an instrument that isn’t taken care of can even turn learners off because it’s much more difficult to handle. Brass instruments in particular need regular cleaning. There are several care sets designed for each instrument so it won’t be difficult to find one for your child!