Terms & Conditions



A. Membership in Cardon Studios renews every four weeks and entitles each student to a specific number of lesson credits (2 or 4) to be redeemed at their discretion over a period of six weeks. Member students understand that by participating in Online Learning, they consent to have their sessions recorded for the safety and record-keeping, and quality control of Cardon Studios teachers and staff.

Cardon Studios hosts online Student Showcase events at least two times yearly. Currently enrolled students (who receive the approval of their teacher) are encouraged to submit recorded performances for each event without an additional participation fee.


A. Membership Fees are listed here.

B. Ten Packs of Lessons may be purchased as well, redeemable for up to six months following the date of purchase.

C. Money Back Guarantee: If a student is unsatisfied following their first lesson, simply contact Cardon Studios by email to info@cardonstudios.com within 72 hours of the lesson. Cardon Studios reserves the right to alter the membership arrangement in an effort to remedy any concerns. If a suitable adjustment is not possible, a complete refund will be provided. Since your lesson time is reserved and unusable in our calendar to accommodate other students, Refunds are not given in the event an enrolled student cancels prior to the first lesson or may be subject to penalty fees. Similarly, conflicts and other issues which may arise but are by no fault in Cardon Studios’ services may incur penalties.


B. All lessons are to be paid in full in advance of the appointment.

1. Upon registration in a recurring membership, all Students must submit valid credit card information for automatic processing of tuition.

a. Once registered, cancellations must follow procedures for cancelling as outlined below.

2. Membership fees will be processed to the card on file every four weeks.

a. Failed payments will be re-attempted daily; any outstanding invoices which are five days beyond the due date will have a 10% late fee applied. Any future lesson appointments will be cancelled when a student has an outstanding balance which is five or more days overdue.

b. Future billing may be cancelled given 15 days’ written notice. Students who wish to end their membership with Cardon Studios should submit their request via Cardon Studios Membership Management form – Refunds are never provided for paid, unused lessons, but lesson credit will remain available for future use and will not expire.


A. In scheduling an online lesson, students agree to adhere to the following requirements:

1. Participation in online sessions indicates student consent to being recorded. Recordings are periodically monitored by staff for quality control.

2. Students have the option to pause their membership for the month while retaining their preferred weekly lesson time with their preferred instructor. No fee applies for membership pauses up to 30 days.

2. Lesson end times are set and extra time will not be allowed for lateness. Students will bring all necessary materials to each lesson (materials include lesson books, recording device, pencil, water, or anything else necessary to ensure effective learning and student success). In addition to punctuality, it is also highly recommended for singers to arrive well-rested and having avoided external influences that have a negative effect on the voice, i.e. shouting, caffeine, alcohol, etc.

3. Through their online student account, students have the option to reschedule or cancel any session without penalty up to 24 hours in advance. With less than 24 hours’ advance notice, rescheduling may not be accommodated.

B. Cardon Studios reserves the right to discontinue lessons upon the repeated occurrence of ill-preparedness, difficulty receiving payment in a timely manner, or other circumstances which hinder the creation of a positive environment for all students and faculty.