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Just need a little guidance to start your self-study? Have a question you’d love to run by the pros? A single lesson is a great chance to get a teacher’s assessment and guidance.

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If you’re ready to make real progress on your goals, a lesson package is the perfect way to build a foundation, create routine, and find direction for your artistry.

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Summer Lessons must be scheduled and redeemed no later than September 15, 2021.


Not sure which lesson length is right for you?

For most beginners, the 25min lessons are perfect– enough time to explore and learn without becoming overwhelmed.

For intermediate or advanced students, feel free to dive into longer sessions! 55min allows plenty of time for warm-ups, technique, and even more song work– ideal if you have specific goals in mind.

Meet the Teachers

Allen Thompson

Allen Thompson


A well-rounded teacher, Allen Thompson works with all styles of singing from a place of calm, careful logic. Allen is equally skilled coaxing nervous beginners out of their shell as he is helping polished professionals...

Francisco Quintero

Francisco Quintero


A graduate of both Berklee College of Music and Northern Illinois University, Francisco is an active performer in the thriving jazz scene of Washington, D.C...

Kate Lanagan

Kate Lanagan


A versatile singer and communicator, Kate Lanagan has spent the last decade honing her teaching style and studying all styles of vocal music, from classical and Broadway to jazz, pop/rock and r&b.

Natalia Bogdanova

Natalia Bogdanova


Pianist, Singer and Teacher, Natalia Bogdanova is passionate about helping students maintain their love of music, whichever style speaks to them the most. Studying with Natalia ensures a reliable musical foundation, while also having fun and being playful with music-- both kids and adults!

Cardon Studios is a safe place for students of all backgrounds, races, creeds, orientations and gender identities to find their musical voice.

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