Sing Smarter

Hybrid Course: Video Lessons + Live Online Classes

“Sing Smarter” will teach you how to engineer your voice from the ground up. Learn how your voice functions so that you can self-assess and problem-solve. Build your toolbox of vocal exercises and learn how to use them most effectively. Share live performances to receive live coaching in small group sessions. Submit a recorded video performance “final” to receive your teacher’s personalized feedback and recommendations for continued growth.



Eight Weeks: March 14- May 2, 2022

Video Content released every Monday.

Live Classes meet on Zoom on Thursdays at 7pm EST.

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Vocal Engineering for Empowered Singing

This special Hybrid Course features both recorded video lessons and real-time class meetings to provide structure and guidance while you explore new depths of vocal technique and self-expression.


Each week, you’ll receive new information and exercises to build a solid vocal foundation.

  • Voice Technique and how to apply it,
  • basic Vocal Anatomy and Voice Health,
  • Performance Preparation coaching
  • and even Stylistic Effects.


Meet in real-time with your Teacher and Peers to apply the new skills you learned in video lessons.

  • Live Coaching
  • Every Student will Perform at least three times
  • Learn by watching others / Give and receive support
  • Direct Application of technical ideas

Personal Attention + Feedback

In addition to live coaching during small group class sessions, submit a video performance “final project” and receive personalized feedback and recommendations for continued growth.

Eight Weeks: March 14- May 2

As we explore efficient breathing and body alignment through a series of helpful exercises, you’ll find greater ease throughout your range.

We’ll weed out facts from fiction in our exploration of Vocal Anatomy, and discuss the importance of vocal health, including optimal tools for healthy voice maintenance.

This week’s exploration will focus on exercises to strengthen your expressive powers, all while maintaining the reliable physical ease you’ve been working to encourage.

Unpack register changes and vocal colors to uncover your most creative singing. This week’s functional exercises will give you greater vocal freedom to explore more interpretive options!

What to do when your voice doesn’t want to do what you’d like it to do? We’ll review our structural techniques to reverse engineer common vocal challenges.

This week is all about giving authentic and powerful performances. Identify and address physical cues that help or hurt your ability to express your vocal intentions.

Identify vocal effects and their uses in different musical styles to train your ear and hone your interpretation.

Learn best practices for recording and microphone technique. Prepare to submit your final performance, a recorded video, for a public Showcase and viewing party! You’ll receive a personalized assessment at the completion of the course, including recommendations for continued growth.


Course Tuition

Pay in Full

  • Immediate Access
$ 200

Two Payments

  • $315 total
$ 105


Meet Your Teacher

Cardon Studios Founder   |   See Bio.

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