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Frequently Asked Questions

Online Lessons occur in real-time so your teacher can react to your needs and adjust intuitively just as they would if they were in the same room with you. Yes, Online Lessons are every bit as effective as learning in person– plus they offer some great benefits which may even help you progress faster! Recording your lesson for play-back throughout the week is one-button-simple, giving you an easy reference point to practice along with between classes to enhance your retention. Taking your lessons from the comfort of home promotes a more relaxed session, allowing you to stay calm and help your brain and body remain more flexible to changes and improvements. Combine all of this with frequent performance opportunities and you’ve got a truly winning combination to help you see and feel your improvements more quickly.

Private Lessons are tailored to your exact needs. So, whether you are an absolute beginner or a professional-level musician, Cardon Studios is ready to meet you where you are to maximize your success. Our teachers are effective communicators who understand every level of musical development and know what you need to do to meet your goals– we’ll work with you to create a comfortable, sustainable plan to support your musical journey at any stage.

Absolutely! We believe that your feelings are intricately intertwined with your artistry and want you to sing or play songs you love. In most cases, your teacher can help guide you to something that’s already on your want-to-sing or play list that will check the boxes they have for you with regard to your development. Note that, for guitar or piano lessons, we may recommend a method workbook as well, especially for beginners.

Your month-to-month membership renews automatically every four weeks, reloading your Online Student Account with two or four new lesson credits (depending on your membership level) for immediate scheduling. Cardon Studios securely stores your billing information so that you don’t need to login in repeatedly to pay your tuition. Charges recur automatically every four weeks until you opt to pause or cancel. Plus, rescheduling or canceling a lesson is easy! Just give us 24 hours’ notice to make changes and you can easily adjust your lesson schedule to fit your life.

We know it’s nice to work with a private teacher and receive caring, one-on-one attention that’s customized for your needs. We also know it’s nice to be part of a larger community with conveniences like regular Student Showcases (included in membership!) and simplified billing. That’s why Cardon Studios strives to be the best of both worlds to help you maximize your efforts!

Yes! Once your account is active, you will have immediate access to book your lesson credits when/however you choose– and with whomever you choose! We do maintain an ‘open studio’ policy, meaning you are welcome to work with a variety of teachers if you wish to gather multiple perspectives. While we wouldn’t recommend bouncing around very much if you’re a beginner (in fact, a recurring schedule with a primary teacher may be best for newbies), we recognize that a more seasoned musician may benefit from variety in approaches. So, use your membership in whatever best fits your needs. Not sure? Feel free to chat with us about your background and goals– we’re always happy to advise!

With your easy-to-use online Student Account, you’ll have total control over your lesson schedule to create new appointments, cancel or reschedule whenever necessary. You can book ad hoc, or request a recurring appointment time. We ask only 24 hours’ notice to make changes to a confirmed lesson. Need to take some time off for planned travel? Pausing your account is easy with our convenient Membership Management Form.

Your commitment is only month-to-month, we can stop any time; simply submit our handy Membership Update Form with 15 days’ notice before your next scheduled billing to cancel. Just taking a step back due to illness or planned travel? Let us know you’d like to pause your account and we’ll be happy to coordinate without penalty, so your membership resumes when you’re ready.

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