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Broadway Lessons

Cardon Studios’ Voice Teachers offer lessons in healthy technique and confident style for all types of Broadway singing, from Golden Age serenades through today’s high-energy Belting. An effective Broadway performer must sound authentic within the time period and distinctive style of the given show. Cardon Studios’ teachers will help you cultivate your voice to become flexible to these stylistic changes, while also focusing on song interpretation and Acting.

Broadway Voice Lessons at Cardon Studios:

    • Create your own Signature Sound
    • Emulate the sounds you love in your own unique voice
    • Study customized Technique for your specific challenges
    • Respect your Influences by Learning Music History
    • Listen more efficiently and learn music faster!

For singers, Cardon Studios is proud to work with Fact-Based Voice Pedagogy. We strongly support singers learning the basic mechanics of their personal vocal instrument to reinforce solid, healthy technique. Expand your range and flexibility. Learn the warning signs for vocal fatigue and how to avoid vocal damage, while also achieving, in a healthy way, sounds you’ve dreamed of making.

Whether for Karaoke night with friends or to prepare for studio sessions and releasing your first EP, Cardon Studios will meet you where you are within your own personal challenges to help you cultivate your signature sound, feel freer to make expressive choices, and solve vocal problems once and for all.   Sign Up Today to Get Started on Your Goals!