Natalia Bogdanova


Pianist, Singer and Teacher, Natalia Bogdanova, began playing piano at the age of 6 and went on to graduate from one of the oldest music schools in Saint-Petersburg, which maintains strict foundations in classical traditions and music history. Being raised in the cultural capital of Russia, Natalia cherishes the exposure she received from an early age which continues to shape her musical sensibilities today. Having lived in Washington, DC now for over a decade,  she continues to value exposure to great artistry, in all genres, as well as performance experiences, especially for her developing piano and vocal students.

Natalia is passionate about helping students maintain their love of music, whichever style speaks to them the most. As a teacher, she is patient but thorough and detail-oriented. Studying with Natalia ensures a reliable musical foundation, while also having fun and being playful with music– both kids and adults! Natalia specializes both in helping Adult Piano students review and fill in gaps from their learning earlier in life (or start fresh!), and is also a skilled teacher for children in both Piano and Voice. For her young vocal students, Natalia employs the ‘Full Voice’ method, helping to instill in early learners both healthy vocal foundations and musical fluency including ear-training, solfege, and musical literacy.

Facts about Natalia –
Natalia has been a Cardon Studios teacher since Winter 2018.

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