Natalia Bogdanova


A warm and caring teacher, Natalia excels at identifying each student’s unique learning needs. Her friendly demeanor and light-hearted exploration of music helps to support students’ love for music-making, while also instilling careful attention to the fundamentals of piano or singing.

Natalia works with all ages of pianists, from early childhood beginning students through intermediate adult learners. Played when you were a kid and forgot most of it? Natalia is great at identifying gaps in your previous musical knowledge to help you connect all the dots!

As a “Full Voice” singing teacher, Natalia is a great first voice teacher for budding singers! She utilizes developmentally appropriate teaching tools and fun sight-singing puzzles to ensure that your little singer continues to enjoy making music while also gaining important music literacy skills and basic voice-building techniques.

Natalia began playing piano at the age of 6 and went on to graduate from one of the oldest music schools in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Now, having lived in Washington, DC for over 10 years, Natalia loves the active musical life of our capitol city and attends concerts whenever possible. She feels that exposure to great artistry, in all genres, is crucial to developing both a student’s ear, and also their passion for music– regardless of whichever style may interest them most! She credits her own love of music to the wonderfully inspiring experiences her two great cities have given her. Natalia is happy to have the opportunity here to play piano every day and to share her passion with her students.

Facts about Natalia Bogdanova –
Natalia has been a Cardon Studios teacher since Winter 2018.

Natalia is consistent about technique, a tremendous help towards feeling improvement, while also caring that the student is always enjoying the classes. She genuinely wants her students to be having fun during the learning process; at the same time, she will recognize students who want and are ready for a challenge and will push them towards more rewarding accomplishments. She regularly cross checks the mood of the student, helps with ideas for songs they might be interested in. If you have the ambition and motivation, she can help you expertly achieve what you have set for yourself!

Fani H.

Adult Beginner, Piano

When I met my teacher Natalia it was a very positive experience. She gives me a lot of good advice and is very patient working with an adult beginner. She answers all my questions no matter how small. I feel like I am learning from a concert pianist. I was able to really improve playing the piano thanks to Natalia!

David M.