Performance Opportunities

Become a Compelling Performer.

Challenging yourself to improve demands a lot. At Cardon Studios, we aim to keep things as stress-free as possible to encourage you to relax, explore, and enjoy music-making. Group Classes provide the emerging performer a safe outlet to tackle new ideas with supportive peers. Settle into a new comfort level with your singing or playing, and expand your horizons by tackling live performance in our Masterclasses or Showcases.

Virtual Open Mic Nights

Open Mic: A chill space for supportive music-making. A casual outlet, this forum is a safe, supportive space for you to enjoy sharing music with your peers. Performing live for others is a big step; our relaxed online events are the perfect fun, beginner-friendly venue to experiment and explore!

Live Masterclass Coaching

Masterclasses: An interactive way to learn performance skills. Led by Cardon Studios’ teachers, this live online group class focuses on the finishing touches of bringing your performance to life. Pre-selected participants will share a performance and receive live coaching for the benefit of the group.

Student Showcases

Showcases: Share your finished work with the world! Submit your pre-recorded performance to be part of the Cardon Studios Showcase. Tune in for a live viewing party on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to invite your family and friends to watch, too– wherever they may be!
  • Shouldn′t you Look as good as you Sound?

    Stage Presence Matters. Your audience came to be entertained. They want you to succeed (yes, really!). But, if you take the stage and don’t seem sure of yourself, it can be distracting– both to you, and to your listeners! Cardon Studios Events help you build confident stage presence so nothing takes away from your music!

  • Ever gotten on stage and had no idea what to do with your hands?

    By the time you set foot on stage, every word and every note should be solid– let’s make sure every glance, gesture, and step are, too. Through practice, you can overcome fidgeting, staring at the ground, forgetting words, and even those shaky knees and sweaty palms!

  • Performance Skills require practice and hard work.

    Within both the lyrics and the music on the page, there are dozens of clues that songwriters give us as performers about interpreting a song. Learn to decipher those clues in order to give life to the music and unlock your true expressive self.

Ready to reach your singing goals?