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Cardon Studios provides online video lessons, a high-quality music lesson experience in an efficient online learning environment.

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Some questions you may have about Remote Learning

Absolutely! Whether you meet with a teacher face-to-face or online, your learning experience is really all about your teacher: choose wisely! Because Cardon Studios has carefully selected our staff based on very high standards, you can be sure you’re receiving only the best instruction from professional, creative, and caring teachers who will help you maximize the online experience. Your online learning with us will be carefully executed to meet you where you are, assess your needs, and create a systematic plan to help you reach your personal goals. Thanks to our dedicated teachers- and of course modern technology!- meeting online is equally as effective as meeting in person.

Effective music lessons are structured around the student’s starting point and personal goals. As your teacher assesses your needs, s/he will create a clear plan to help you strengthen your weaknesses and amplify your natural strengths for the best possible results.

In general, lessons are composed of both technique (the specific exercises that your teacher prescribes to improve your skill level) and repertoire (the songs you choose to work towards performance level). Lessons would just be a jam session without technique, but wouldn’t be very fun without focused time on your songs of choice— we strive for a healthy balance of both!

Cardon Studios keeps this part as simple as possible– no preparation necessary. All you will need at home is a reliable WiFi signal, and either a cell phone, tablet, or computer with a webcam. Simply position the camera with a view of yourself (ideally torso and up), and you’ll be ready to roll! You’ll receive a reminder email 24 hours before each session with a convenient direct link to access your teacher’s online Zoom classroom.

Depending on your unique circumstances, headphones or an external microphone might help improve your connection strength, but these are not required. Should you encounter any issues, Cardon Studios is here to help you troubleshoot!

Have a conflict with a single lesson appointment? You are welcome to adjust your schedule in your online student account whenever you have a conflict; we require just 24 hours’ notice.

Missed a class? We’re sorry to say that once the time is lost in your teacher’s schedule, you are liable for payment on that lesson time. Please help us plan ahead!

Bring it on! We’re having a blast sharing student successes in our monthly Online Events Series. Join us as a community once per month to watch or join in. Whether for our casual Open Mic Nights, constructive Masterclasses, or pre-recorded Student Showcases, there’s an outlet for performers of all skill and comfort levels to practice presentation skills and experience working through the challenges of live performance, all from the safety of home and in a supportive community of peers.

Private Lessons

Online Lessons make it so easy to record and review your work! Clearly hear and see the items you’re doing well or should work to improve alongside your teacher’s explanation.

Innovative Instructors

During your one-on-one lesson, your teacher can share screens or upload files for you as well, providing ultimate ease of communication.

From the comfort of your home

Everyone loves to save time! Skip the drive over and maximize your study at home. All that’s needed is a reliable wifi connection and a device with a camera.

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