New Years Resolutions For Music Students

New Years Resolutions for music students

As lifetime music students, it’s important to keep striving to improve with each year that passes. While working on and improving musical abilities is a bit of a vague resolution to set, here are a few suggestions that you can choose from:

Learn To Practice Better

Setting aside more time to practice may be a great resolution in itself, but let’s be practical: a lot of us don’t have any more extra time to spend. However, you can always choose to practice better. Quality practice sessions over a period of time is much better than drawn out practice that goes nowhere. Do your best to listen more intently to what you’re creating. Practice with intent!

Try Out A New Style

No matter how long you’ve been playing your instrument, there are probably a dozen musical styles that you haven’t approached as a musician yet. Being set on just one or two styles narrows your repertoire, so do your best to try and listen to more genres that you haven’t listened to before. Broadening your appreciation for music is always a great goal any day of the year!

Improve Your Technique

We understand: “technique” can be such an intimidating term for students. This is because it’s often associated with tons of exercises and scales practice. What we then often do is to switch off our brains as we exercise. This hurts more than it helps, so try to be mindful of your body as you practice.

Join More Performances

One of the most challenging parts of being a musician is learning how to get over nerves. It can be very difficult to do, but taking part in more performances can definitely help. Home performances or local competitions are alternatives to joining recitals, if you’re looking to branch out. The more you perform, the more you’ll understand how you act under pressure. With each performance, you’ll feel more and more comfortable on stage.

Cardon Studios invites students to participate in showcases twice year, and we’re always happy to see students of all skill levels take the stage! We also offer classes to help improve individual performances — just reach out to us!