Music at Work: Which Styles Work Best?

Music At Work

When it comes to music at work that helps boost productivity, choosing genres that you already like is usually given preference. But when you’ve been feeling like your choices have been distracting you or if you can’t decide what styles to listen to due to a wide range of taste, take a look at these suggestions:

Ambient Noise

Sometimes, silence can be too disconcerting. Other times, melodies can be too distracting. Here’s a tried and tested style (that isn’t really considered music at all!) that can fix your dilemma for you: ambient noise. Playing loops of white noise, rain, waves, running rivers, or other similar sounds have been known to be a lifesaver, especially for stressful workplaces. There are many websites that feature ambient noise to help you concentrate (or fall asleep!) so you won’t lack for resources.

Classical Music

Lyric-less but not lacking in anything else, classical music is often said to be the best that the arts can offer. Several studies have even shown that music during the Baroque period can lead to a significant impact on someone’s productivity!

Always remember though that one tune does not equal another, and a piece with grand symphonies brings up different emotions compared to a delicate tune.

Electronic Music

Not to be confused with EDM or Electronic Dance Music, ambient electronica is a genre that fits many a need for an unobtrusive and repetitive piece that helps people focus. Unlike the twists and turns of a dramatic composition, many electronic songs emphasize choice melodies that build on each other instead.

Video Game Music

Video game fans know this as fact: the soundtrack can make or break a game. It helps with immersion, and the best composers know that the type of music needed is the kind that enhances a gamer’s experience without distracting them from their play.

The environment you’re in has a large effect on the behavior and results you get. The sounds you hear while making your way through work make an impact, so get to testing and experimenting with different styles until you find the one that’s right for you. Don’t forget this before you press play!