Music Practice Tips: How To Stop Procrastination!

Music Practice Tips: How To Stop Procrastination!

Everyone procrastinates, even the most seasoned musicians. Whether it’s the internet, a good TV show or even your favorite artist’s new album, there are endless ways to put off music practice for later. It can be beneficial to procrastinate once in a while, especially when you get stuck in a rut. Returning to a piece with a fresh mind and a new outlook can do wonders to your progress. However, procrastinating too often can turn into a bad habit.

Here are some effective tip on how to beat procrastination:

  • Avoid overthinking and just jump in!

Sometimes, the obstacles begin and end inside your head. Thinking about the amount of practice you need to do and the effort you need to exert with the songs or styles can contribute to your reluctance to do the work. The more you think about these issues, the more complicated they seem and it will continue to grow unless you fight it. The best way to do that? Just start practicing. Take that single step. Whenever you feel frozen by the work you need to do, just tell yourself to “stop,” then grab your instrument or piece. Stop overthinking and start playing!

  • Break your piece down into smaller sections

Sometimes, an extended piece or a new technique can seem too complicated and you’ll find it difficult to know where to begin. Breaking it down into more manageable parts is a great way to tackle complex tasks. Break down pieces into smaller measures and practice at least one or two a day with utmost focus. Remember, that single step means a lot.

  • Decide on what you’ll play beforehand.

Not knowing what to practice is one of the most common reasons why musicians procrastinate. Make a sure decision before you begin. Think about the part of the song, which solos or what scales you’ll need to work on at least a day in advance. Write it down and have it ready!

  • Have fun!

One of the best motivations that anyone can have is knowing that they’ll have fun while doing a task. Make music practice fun and you’ll quickly see that procrastination will be a thing of the past. Even the most difficult practice sessions can be made enjoyable and after all, creativity flows best when an artist is at ease and relaxed. If you’re an avid coffee drinker, brew yourself a nice cup of joe before you get started. Optimize your practice space and make sure you’re comfortable and surrounded by natural light. Most of all, play music that YOU love! Practicing and playing music that makes you happy is the most effective way to make sure you’ll look forward to working on your technique.