How Music Affects Productivity

How Music Affects Productivity

While music is thought of as one of the most triumphant creations in human history, does music itself help someone to create?

This is a question that has been asked increasingly often, ever since music has become a staple in the modern office space. With so many hours spent at the workplace and so much of work in front of a bright screen, music has become a daily companion to our regular tasks. It’s now a way to make the most of a boring day and to “decorate time”.

The Effectiveness Of Music On Repetitive Tasks

Music makes repetitive tasks more enjoyable. Ask anyone who works a desk job or even on an assembly line. Studies suggest that music is particularly helpful for immersive tasks that are clearly defined and highly repetitive.

In slight contrast with this, recent research has argued that it’s not exactly the music itself, but instead it’s the improved mood that is brought about by your favorite music that causes an increase in productivity.

Music in the major mode, or key, in particular had better results than music with a dissonant tone. Those who listened to background music saw an increase in productivity when the music was in the major mode.

The Solution To A Noisy Workplace

Music is an escape, and this is especially true in a noisy workplace. Now that many companies are implementing an open-office environment, many employees are experiencing more stress and less personal productivity due to the noise.

While some think of it as a rude practice, modern research has shown that using headphones can be more beneficial than people think. In the cited study involving IT specialists, those who listened to music finished their tasks more quickly and produced better ideas than those who didn’t, because listening to music boosted their mood.

Many argue that open space leads to increased collaboration, but the increase in noise can be too overwhelming for some people to handle when dealing with in-depth work. If there is no way to physically escape from the distractions, such as a private cubicle, than the next best thing is a good pair of headphones.