How Making Music Reduces Stress


No matter what month of the year it is, stress can be a big part of our daily lives. It negatively affects both our physical and mental well-being, whether we’re busy with our jobs, school or social lives. This is why we should do our best to set aside time to relieve our stress, and one great way to do that is by making music! Playing your favorite instrument or learning a new one are great ways to break free from unnecessary worrying.

Music In Therapy

Professional therapists have long been advocates of the positive effects of playing and listening to music. Not only does it help people with shaking off their feelings of stress, but studies have also found that music can improve mental focus, improve the immune system, and help regulate pain.

Relieve Stress By Playing Music

You don’t need to go to a therapist to benefit from the many advantages that playing music can have on your mind and body. Practicing your favorite piece or going to your music lessons can also help you manage your stress levels! Here’s why that happens:

  • Playing an instrument is a great way to practice the art of mindfulness. This is the state of being completely aware of your current state and not allowing yourself to be distracted by past memories or future possibilities. Another common way to be practice mindfulness is through meditation, but another (more musical) alternative is by practicing a song or going through your scales.
  • Making music takes you away from constant screen time. With our daily lives relying more and more on technology and being glued to our screens, it sometimes feels like people are unable to take a step back to participate in activities in the real world. A useful way to unplug from digital devices and staying away from phones and computers is by using your hands to practice playing an instrument.
  • Participating in a group class, or even interacting with your music teacher, can reduce stress levels as they are social activities. Sharing your thoughts on music and connecting with those who share the same interest can also boost your happiness!