Give The Gift Of Music For The Holidays

Give The Gift Of Music For The Holidays

During the holiday season, everyone is encouraged to live the old adage of giving rather than receiving. For musicians and performers, sharing their talents is a great way to spread cheer and give back to the community and those who need it. No matter your background, there are multiple ways to volunteer your time and talents. Aside from being able to cheer people up and feel personal fulfilment, you’ll be getting a lot of welcome practice that will benefit you as a performer.

Entertaining Those In Need

Many establishments in Washington, DC, openly welcome entertainment from the public during the holidays. It’s during this time of year, where families and friends gather together, that those who are confined in hospitals or nursing homes may feel blue and in need of companionship. Playing festive songs or performing holiday tunes is a sure way to remind them that they are remembered and appreciated.

Day care centers and maternity homes are other organizations that are often overlooked during the holiday season. Performing for young children or mothers without a stable home is a very fulfilling feat, so if you’ve volunteered for nursing homes and other establishments before, this is a great way to branch out and share your talents with other people.

Sharing Your Culture Or Faith

If you’re of a particular culture or faith, the holiday season is the perfect time to share it with those who have similar views. Sing for the neighborhood church’s choir or perform for your home country’s local organization. No matter what event you choose to celebrate, the feeling of camaraderie and togetherness will always be the same.

Teaching At Schools

Local schools often lack support for music and the arts, so volunteering to teach an educational music set can make a big difference in a child’s musical experience. You don’t need to dedicate several weeks for these classes, because any contribution is already a big help. If volunteering for an after-school music club isn’t possible, several community centers are actively open for performers as well.

No matter which venue you choose or what performance you deliver, know that you’re making a world of difference for several people who need it. Aside from the valuable practice that you get out of your efforts, you’ll be gaining the knowledge that you’ve touched several people’s lives and we hope you continue to do so!