How To Give Back To Your Community As A Musician

Giving Back To The Community As A Musician

While there are so may ways to give back to your local community, there’s just something special about being able to make someone smile through your musical abilities. Here are some great ways you can help your community through your music:

  • Join a charitable organization

Being able to volunteer for a music-related charity in your area can be extremely fulfilling. While there are hundreds of nonprofits that you can choose from, using your musical abilities for a charitable organization just feels special. Thanks to the internet, it’s now so much easier to look up music-related charities and see how you can join in! There are even popular charities that allow you to help out with music therapy. Music has always had a special place is out hearts, but when we’re able to share it with others, especially those who need it and can appreciate it the most, it’s a hundred times more powerful.

  • Donate your time to assisted living or other healthcare facilities

One of the best parts of music is that it connects people of all ages and walks of life. Music unites people from around the world, no matter how young or old they are. You can see for yourself how it can bring such happiness to people’s faces when you volunteer at healthcare facilities. With assisted living facilities in particular, with residents who just go through the motions every day, a chance to stimulate their creativity is always welcome. The power that musicians have to help people feel happiness and bring back wonderful memories unlocked by music is truly special.

  • Volunteer to help with public school music programs

The sad reality is that music programs are being slashed from school budgets all around the US. While many of us have been fortunate enough to have gotten our start and initial exposure to music when we were at school, the same can’t be said for many young people right now. This is now the best time to volunteer to share your musical talents with your local public school.

If your local school still has an existing music class, reach out to the teacher to offer to work with the students for a few periods. However, if there’s no music class at all, you can get in touch with the principal to let him or her know that you want to hold a music workshop for the kids. Remember that every small gesture counts for these students, and you’ll soon be inspiring children of all ages!