How Exercise Helps You Be a Better Musician

exercise better musician

It’s a great habit to spend more time practicing your musical instrument, but don’t neglect your physical health! Exercise is definitely a good way to stay healthy. As musicians, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle will also help in building up stamina and endurance to be able to give your best performance every time.

Here are some ways regular exercise can help you become a better musician:

  • Better Breathing

When you train your cardiovascular endurance, you learn how to breathe more efficiently. This is a huge advantage for singers and those who play wind or brass instruments. In general, performers who do regular cardio exercise will have a more controlled and energetic performance.

  • Strengthened Muscles

Many instruments require a certain amount of strength in one area or another. For example, a bass drum player would require back strength in order to carry the drum and arm strength to play the instrument.

All musicians can benefit from strength training. You don’t have to lift heavy weights all of a sudden. You just need light weights to increase and maintain your strength.

  • Improved Posture

Have you ever seen a pianist slouching while performing? We all know the answer to that one, of course! Posture is very crucial in playing any instrument. It allows performers to last longer in performing without suffering from fatigue or back pain.

Posture can be easily improved by regular core and strengthening exercises. Yoga can be very beneficial for this one!

  • Increased Coordination

There can’t be music without coordination. All musicians are required to improve coordination for them to play their piece as flawlessly as possible.

Exercise can help musicians further develop and fine-tune their coordination. Some exercises include balancing, jump ropes, or even hopping on one foot!

  • Sharper Thinking

Regular exercise helps you to clear your mind. A clear mind is essential for learning new music and performing it well.

Any form of movement can be beneficial in this area. Jogging or yoga is a great way to sharpen one’s thinking.

  • Inspired Music-Making

Exercise offers inspiration. It boosts hormones called endorphins which help stimulate happiness. This feeling will inspire you more to create music and to share it with the world.

Exercise offers you a bunch of benefits you will take advantage as a musician and a human being. Now get up and start moving!