Dealing With Performance Anxiety: Part Two

We covered the basics of handling performance anxiety on  the last post, but this time we’ll be focusing on all the different ways you can rehearse and train to minimize your nerves as much as possible.

Comprehensive Rehearsing

Practicing to improve technique is all well and good, but rehearsing your actualy performance as you would in front of a live audience is ideal when preparing for a show. If possible, don’t neglect the value of rehearsal in shedding unwanted nerves. These rehearsals help you find out if there  are any inherent problems with your performance and once spotted, it’ll be easier to correct them before the show, or learn a way to deal with it if it happens again.

To take it to the next level, try recording your rehearsals and viewing them as objectively as possible. This way, you can spot your strengths and the areas that need improvement.

Take A Cue From Sports Psychology

Many professional athletes practice with a recording of a simulated crowd playing in the background to help them keep focused on the day of the game. Musicians can use this same strategy when practicing in their home or rehearsal studio in order to prep their selves for the show. This can also boost a musician’s confidence! Aside from having a recording, you can also invite friend or family over and try to distract you during practice. Doing this in a safe environment helps you prepare for practically any possible distraction.

Mentally Rehearsing

Before hopping on stage, going over your performance in your head can make a big difference. Thinking about how you’ll perform the song and visualizing how it would go can lower anxiety as it helps you become familiar with the performance.

You can also go over a list of potential issues and relevant solutions or responses you would make if they happen. Since unexpected problems can be unavoidable, having the foresight to prepare against them will decrease your worry.

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