Cardon Studios is proud to offer one-on-one online video lessons, making it easier and more cost-effective than ever before
to tackle your musical goals, all from the comfort and safety of your home!


Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Online Lessons make it so easy to record and review your work! Clearly hear and see the items you’re doing well or should work to improve alongside your teacher’s explanation.

Caring Instructors

Caring Instructors

During your one-on-one lesson, your teacher can share screens or upload files for you as well, providing ultimate ease of communication.

From The Comfort Of Your Home

From The Comfort Of Your Home

Everyone loves to save time! Skip the drive over and maximize your study at home. All that’s needed is a reliable wifi connection and a device with a camera.

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Our Faculty is Comprised of Top Music Talent

Our Teachers partner with you one-on-one to structure the perfect course for your unique needs and goals. No two students are alike, so no two lessons are either!

  • Testimonial

    Allen Thompson

    Voice and Piano

    About Allen Thompson

    A well-rounded teacher, Allen Thompson works with all styles of singing from a place of calm, careful logic. Allen is equally skilled coaxing nervous beginners out of their shell as he is helping polished professionals amp up to the next level in their performances. Over more than a decade of diverse musical projects in a variety of roles, Allen has been a performer, director, pit accompanist, and coach, and has been able to incorporated a wide array of useful skills into his teaching. Allen completed his Master of Music in Voice Performance at the University of Texas at El Paso,  [···]
  • Testimonial

    Kate Lanagan

    Voice and Piano

    About Kate Lanagan

    A versatile singer and communicator, Kate Lanagan has spent the last decade honing her teaching style and studying all styles of vocal music, from classical and Broadway to jazz, pop/rock and r&b. After completing her Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance, a degree largely focused on Classical and Operatic singing, Kate sought out and completed additional education in voice science and technical skills for contemporary and commercial styles of singing from such respected institutions as Westminster Choir College, Shenandoah Conservatory, and the Berklee School of Music.  [···]
  • Testimonial

    John Park


    About John Park

    John Park, a graduate of the University of Maryland, has studied with Drs. Kristina Suter, Alon Goldstein, and Audrey Andrist to obtain a vast knowledge of repertoire and chamber music concert experience. John has participated in prestigious music festivals and competitions such as National Music Festival, Wonderlic Competition, Liszt-Garrison Competition, and International Keyboard Institute Festivall, winning Special Honors from the 2016 Paderewski Competition in Hartford, CT, and finishing in the top 12 during the 2017 New York Piano Festival and Competition. In addition to being a frequent recitalist and passionate performer, John also has a deep love for sharing music with others in an educational setting. [···]
  • Testimonial

    Darnell Roulhac


    About Darnell Roulhac

    Tenor, Darnell T. Roulhac is a native of Washington DC where he attended the Duke Ellington School of the Arts before receiving his Bachelor of Music degree in Voice Performance from The Boston Conservatory. As a teacher, Darnell values dramatic interpretation and performance skills. A supportive presence, Darnell is a wonderful instructor for those who want to not only unlock their voice, but also grab hold of their potential as performing artists. Although a classical singer himself, Darnell is well-versed in popular music styles and loves working with all styles of music to best support his students' goals. [···]
  • Testimonial

    Natalia Bogdanova

    Piano and Voice

    About Natalia Bogdanova

    Being raised in the cultural capital of Russia, Saint Petersburg, afforded Natalia the opportunity to be surrounded by music since early childhood. An invaluable part of her upbringing, Natalia cherishes the exposure she received from an early age which continues to shape her musical sensitivities today. Natalia began playing piano at the age of 6 and went on to graduate from one of the oldest music schools in Saint-Petersburg, which maintains strict foundations in classical traditions and music history. From attending the frequent concerts that her city is famous for, and often performing in them herself, music has maintained a constant for Natalia. Upon moving to the US, Natalia became seriously busy with other disciplines - Philosophy and Design - to help support herself; however never stopped playing, teaching, or singing! Having lived in Washington, DC for over 10 years, Natalia loves the active musical life of our city  [···]
  • Testimonial

    Randy Martono-Chai

    Voice and Piano, Jazz Theory

    About Randy Martono-Chai

    Randy Martono-Chai is a consummate musician, regularly performing in a variety of styles of music. Growing up, he studied piano, flute, organ, and music theory, won several regional and state competitions, and performed in numerous honor bands, orchestras, and choirs. Later, he went on to study classical and jazz piano, voice, and conducting at Shenandoah Conservatory, where he graduated with dual Bachelor's Degrees in Music Performance and Jazz Studies. Additionally, he represented the conservatory in a myriad of voice and piano competitions, many of which he won. Having honed his skills in music and leadership, Randy now serves as Music Director for Paul VI Catholic High School's theatre program in Fairfax, VA. Randy works as a stage performer, piano accompanist, and music teacher. [···]


Some questions you may have about Remote Learning
Are Online Lessons as effective as meeting face-to-face?
Whether you meet with a teacher face-to-face or online, your learning experience is really all about your teacher: choose wisely! Because Cardon Studios has carefully selected our staff based on very high standards, you can be sure you’re receiving only the best instruction from professional, creative, and caring teachers. Your online learning experience with us will be carefully executed to meet you where you are, assess your needs, and create a systematic plan to help you reach your personal goals. Thanks to our dedicated teachers- and of course modern technology!- meeting online can be equally as effective as meeting in person.
What should I expect from online lessons?
Effective music lessons are structured around the student’s starting point and personal goals. As your teacher assesses your needs, s/he will create a clear plan to help you strengthen your weaknesses and amplify your natural strengths for the best possible results.

In general, lessons are composed of both technique (the specific exercises that your teacher prescribes to improve your skill level) and repertoire (the songs you choose to work towards performance level). Lessons would just be a jam session without technique, but wouldn’t be very fun without focused time on your songs of choice— we strive for a healthy balance of both!

How will I be matched with a teacher?
By signing up with Cardon Studios, you are making a great step to support your successes! Based on your chosen instrument and preferred schedule, we will match you with the best teacher for your needs. Once you sign up, we’ll take care of the rest!
How should I prepare for my video lessons?
Cardon Studios intends to keep this as simple for you as possible– no preparation necessary. All you will need at home is a reliable WiFi signal, and either a cell phone, tablet, or computer with a webcam. Simply position the camera with a view of yourself (at least torso and up, please) and your instrument, and you’ll be ready to roll!

Depending on your unique circumstances, headphones or an external microphone might help improve your connection strength, but these are not required. Should you encounter any issues, Cardon Studios is here to help you troubleshoot!

What about Performance Opportunities?
Pending the removal of the current restrictions on group gatherings, Cardon Studios intends to offer public Student Showcase events in the Washington, DC area. In preparation for these Showcases, we will also host Members Only Masterclass events– a chance to gather as a collective of students and teachers to share performance practice ideas and strategies to make sure you’re ready to take the stage and show off your finest work! Until meeting in person is safe, stay tuned for updates on special Zoom Open Mic nights!
What is the cancellation policy for Online Lessons?
Have a conflict with a single lesson appointment? You are welcome to adjust your schedule in your online student account whenever you have a conflict; we require just 24 hours’ notice.

Missed a class? We’re sorry to say that once the time is lost in your teacher’s schedule, you are liable for payment on that lesson time. Please help us plan ahead!