Become a Compelling Performer

Challenging yourself to improve demands a lot. At Cardon Studios, we aim to keep things as stress-free as possible to encourage you to relax, explore, and enjoy music-making. Group Classes provide the emerging performer a safe outlet to tackle new ideas with supportive peers. Settle into a new comfort level with your singing or playing, and expand your horizons by tackling live performance in our Masterclasses or Showcases.

  • Virtual Open Mic Nights
    A casual outlet, this forum is just for you to enjoy sharing music with your peers. Tune in to watch and pick up inspiration from your fellow students, or share a performance of whatever you’re working on. Open Mics are hosted by Cardon Studios’ teachers and provide a safe space for trial...
  • Live Masterclass Coaching
    Masterclasses are an in-person and interactive way to learn performance skills. Led by a Cardon Studios’ teacher, participants will share a perform and receive live coaching for the benefit for the whole audience. Whether you participate as a performer or simply observe, you’ll benefit from...
  • Public Showcase Events
    Cardon Studios features our students in a special Showcase event at least twice per year. Join us under the stage lights to spotlight your successes and overcome your challenges! This is your chance to shine. Invite family and friends to come out and cheer you on!