Live Performance Opportunities

group singing

Every month, we gather as a Studio Community to show off your hard work!

Join us online for a variety of event types: Open Mic nights, Masterclasses, and Student Showcases.

Cardon Studios’ students have frequent opportunities to show what they’ve learned! Learning new skills isn’t easy, so we believe in supporting our students by showcasing them frequently so that they can receive the applause and accolades they deserve.

As any performer can attest, things don’t always come out in live performance the way they do in the practice room. This means that certain aspects of performing can only be learned by frequent attempts! For this reason, we encourage all students to participate in each of our event types whenever possible. By performing, students learn:

  • Stage Presence and Acting for Song
  • Stage Fright Management
  • Microphone Technique
  • Interacting with your Audience
  • Choosing Songs that Make the Best Performances

Whether you’re terrified at the idea of performing or you just can’t get enough, Cardon Studios’ online events are comfortable, supportive outlets. Surrounding by friends, family, and your peers, you can be sure that this is an audience who understands what you’re going through and wants to see you succeed! Join us for our next public event and see what a warm community you can become part of.

Ready to get started on your goals? Register online now!