Group Classes and Events

Cardon Studios’ student members have the opportunity to observe or receive public coaching in special group Masterclasses.

At Cardon Studios, we strive to offer as many learning opportunities for our students as possible. In line with this goal, we invite current students to join our Masterclasses to collaborate and learn with their peers, while working with instructors besides their primary teacher. These gatherings are exclusively for our members and invited guests. This unique collaborative environment encourages the exchange of ideas as selected student performers share their work under the guidance of a variety of wonderful Teachers.

Why Masterclasses when I’m already taking Private Lessons?

  • Masterclasses are a great chance to gain new insights from a teacher besides your primary instructor,
  • See firsthand how different tools affect different performers.
  • Get outside of yourself and be inspired
  • Or, choose to sign up to perform and gain active practice in the safest possible environment– among your teachers and peers.

Whether you choose to participate as a performer or an observer, observing active coaching in interpretation, performance skills, and even technique is sure to open up new ideas for your own practice!   Join Cardon Studios as a member today to catch our next Masterclass!