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Frequently Asked Questions

Your intro lesson is your chance to meet with a teacher, ask your questions, and receive their assessment and advice for your future learning. You do not need to prepare anything!

If you requested a voice lesson and feel comfortable singing a short section of a song (anything you love to sing!), your teacher would love to hear it. For Voice lessons, it can also be helpful to Optimize your Audio Settings in Zoom.

Online Lessons occur in real-time so your teacher can react to your needs and adjust intuitively just as they would if they were in the same room with you. Yes, Online Lessons are every bit as effective as learning in person– plus they offer some great benefits which may even help you progress faster! Recording your lesson for play-back throughout the week is one-button-simple, giving you an easy reference point to practice along with between classes to enhance your retention. Taking your lessons from the comfort of home promotes a more relaxed session, allowing you to stay calm and help your brain and body remain more flexible to changes and improvements. Combine all of this with frequent performance opportunities and you’ve got a truly winning combination to help you see and feel your improvements more quickly.

Any cell phone, tablet, or computer will be fine for your Zoom lessons! Most home wifi connections are perfectly suitable for joining a Zoom lesson! However, relying on your cellular wifi connection likely won’t be your best possible experience.

For voice lessons, using headphones and/or an external microphone (starting around $50, see suggestions <a href=”>here</a>) can help improve your audio and enable your teacher to give you even more finely tuned feedback and advice. This upgrade is totally optional, of course, but recommended.

We know it’s nice to work with a private teacher and receive caring, one-on-one attention that’s customized for your needs. We also know it’s nice to be part of a larger community with conveniences like regular Student Showcases (included in membership!) and simplified billing. That’s why Cardon Studios strives to be the best of both worlds to help you maximize your efforts!

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